Since its foundation, ANSCHÜTZ stands...
Since its foundation, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection. This has not changed through the years.

The name ANSCHÜTZ is inseparably connected with innumerable national and international shooting triumphs.

Last but not least the pioneering efforts in biathlon shooting have made the name ANSCHÜTZ recognized all over the world.

ANSCHÜTZ products enjoy an extraordinary and worldwide reputation because of their precision, workmanship and accuracy.

Anschütz 1420-U13 Magazine 10-shot, cal. .22 l.r.

Item no.: AN001154

Anschütz 1420-U5 Magazine 5-shot, cal. .22 l.r.

Item no.: AN001153

Anschütz 1517-U4 Magazine 4-shot, cal. .17 HMR

Item no.: AN012961

Anschütz 1761 Magazine 5-shot, cal. .17 HMR

Item no.: AN015081

Anschütz 1761 Magazine 5-shot, cal. .22 l.r. and .17 Mach2

Item no.: AN015079

Anschütz 1761 Magazine 5-shot, cal. .22 WMR

Item no.: AN015080

Anschütz Magazine 1827-U22/1, 5-shot

Item no.: AN001159

Anschütz Extra cartridge spender 1827F-45 for 6 cartridges

Item no.: AN008442

Anschütz 1913A in stock 1918 ALU BENCHREST Precise

Item no.: AN016718

Anschütz Biathlon Hand stop 4738-U2

Item no.: AN001086

Anschütz small bore Match 54.30 action

Item no.: AN013867

Anschütz 9015 High Power threaded adapter

Item no.: AN014683

Anschütz 9015 HP in stock BR50 walnut

Item no.: AN015597

Anschütz 9015A ONE bench rest compressed air, nut

Item no.: AN016959

Anschütz 9015A compressed air ALU universal nut

Item no.: AN016316

Anschütz 9560 Iris disc with 5 color filter

Item no.: AN001038

Anschütz trigger adjustable

Item no.: AN007434

Anschütz trigger Match

Item no.: AN008541

Anschütz Hook Butt Plate 2213-8700

Item no.: AN001119

Anschütz Hook Butt Plate 4765-U4

Item no.: AN001123