FAQ - Frequently asked questions

This is a list of questions that customers have frequently asked regarding our online shop, www.buinger.com

How to track your shipment online:

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking code, and then you can track it on the DHL website: https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/dhl-sendungsverfolgung.html.

For parcels that contain weapons, it's different since they are shipped with a private transportation company. 

Again, you will receive an email with the tracking code, and you can go to this website: 


You should see something like this and type in the provided tracking code and the zip code 66450 (NOT your own zip code!): 

On the first day, you will only receive general information, but after 1-2 business days, a CF number will be listed here (in the "Bemerkfeld"). This is your international shipping number. 

Once you have it, you can go to this website and track your shipment: 


We would like to ask for your patience. Parcels containing weapons have to undergo multiple scans along the way, and in some countries, they are checked by the local customs office, which can cause additional delays. 

General questions:

1) Do you have a store that I can visit?

Yes, it is located in 86753 Möttingen, Krumme Gwand 2. Here is a map (Google Maps): https://goo.gl/maps/Y6geSSrYDQq

Our office hours can be found here.

2) How about warranty if something is malfunctioning or arrives damaged?

Our terms and conditions in English language can be found here. The warranty is one year; you should inform us within seven days if something is defective. The transportation agency is responsible if something arrives damaged, and it likely happened during the transport (e.g., the parcel is damaged). However - please inform us, and we'll take it from there. 

Question about ordering online:

1) What payment options do you offer?

You can choose from various payment methods (like PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer) during checkout. Credit card payments cannot be processed manually, only online during checkout through Secupay.

2) What is the address of your bank?

Raiffeisen-Volksbank Ries eG Geschäftsstelle Möttingen
Romantische Str. 19
86753 Möttingen / Germany

3) Is purchase on account or installment possible?

Those payment methods are only available for German customers right now.  

4) Can you ship small-bore ammunition to my country?

Small-bore ammunition can only be shipped to shipping addresses in Germany. 

5) What tax rate applies to me?

The applicable tax rate within the EU is that of the destination country. If the delivery address is in Germany (or for in-store purchases), 19% VAT will be charged (see point 6 for more details). The same applies to intra-community deliveries. Outside the EU (or with a commercial tax number within the EU), no taxes will be charged by us.

6) Tax Refund upon Departure from the EU

If the delivery was made within the EU (or for in-store purchases) and the buyer is leaving the EU permanently, this can be declared at customs upon departure. We will require the stamped original invoice (no email or copy) to process the tax refund. Please provide your bank details so that we can issue the refund.

7) What do I need to buy a weapon?

For weapon purchases, age verification (copy of your valid passport or driver's license - please email it to wbk@buinger.de). It's best to email it to us after your purchase. Please note that weapons cannot be shipped with DHL; they must be shipped with a private transportation company. 

8) What do I need for buying a small-bore weapon?

You’ll need an import license for small bore rifles, and there is a 45,00 Euro fee for processing (if it’s all done through your dealer, then you don’t have to pay that fee). Please note that weapons cannot be shipped with DHL; they must be shipped with a private transportation company. 

9) What documents do I need to purchase a magazine?


10) Is it possible to ship small items in a padded envelope?

Not anymore. So many shipments got damaged or even lost, and customer feedback regarding this shipping method could have been more positive. Investigations / filing a claim in case of a loss took up to 6 weeks (German post has to send the inquiry to the destination country, which was a slow process), so there are more cons than pros for the customer (and us). If you only need a few small parts, ask friends or colleagues, order together, and split the shipping costs. 

11) What if I need to send something back?

If you don't like the product you have purchased or it arrives damaged (for example, when it got damaged during transportation), you can return the item(s) to us. Please get in touch with us before you return any items to us. 

Making bank transfers from outside of Germany

1) What about bank transfer fees

The easiest and cheapest way is to make a SEPA wire transfer in Euro.

If you can't do this or want to transfer money from your bank account into ours differently, there are usually TWO fees - one for your bank to transfer the money and one for our end to receive the money. Please note that you are responsible for BOTH fees, so the exact invoice amount will end up in our account. 

This option is often called the OUR option meaning you will pay all the possible fees. It's not the SHARE option where the costs would be split. If you need more clarification, please ask your bank for more information.