Biathlon Equipment

1 set of support brackets for plastic sled rifle and air pistol

Item no.: EI70.000.027

20m carrying rope (Terylene-thermofixiert) for 10m LG and LP

Item no.: EI70.000.012

20m hauling rope (Terylene-thermofixiert) for 10m LG, LP u. Armbrust

Item no.: EI70.000.013

30m carrying rope (Terylene-thermofixiert) for 15m Zimmerstutzen

Item no.: EI70.000.032

30m hauling rope (Terylene-thermofixiert) for 15m Zimmerstutzen

Item no.: EI70.000.031

Diana Target Box 420

Item no.: GSG42700000

First Strike Pellet trap 14x14 cm

Item no.: ESCFS-610012

Gamo Pellets Trap 5 Circles

Item no.: GA2400572

Gehmann biathlon target stand

Item no.: GE104

Gehmann manual air rifle or air pistol target changer set

Item no.: GE180

Gehman air weapons target holders

Item no.: GE187

Gehmann biathlon air rifle target

Item no.: GE103

Intarso Knopf

Item no.: INTELKN

Intarso Puffer

Item no.: INT11103005

Intarso Puffer

Item no.: INT11103006