Blank Firing Guns and Ammunition

This is for customers in Germany only - please disregard this page if you don't live in Germany. After completing your order, please send the following documents unsolicited via email to or via WhatsApp to 0151-54223356

  • Identity card (front & back)

All blank firing guns require age verification (age check), which will also be carried out by the delivery service provider. It is also necessary to fill out the following document and then send it back to us as a scan or photo via email:

  • Notice obligation according to § 35 Abs. 2 WaffG

Shipping Blank Firing Guns

  • up to 3 kg: 6.95 €
  • up to 5 kg: 7.95 €
  • up to 31.5 kg: 9.95 €

Shipping Blank Firing Ammunition

  • up to 10 kg: 32.50 € (PS-Express)
  • up to 20 kg: 44.50 € (PS-Express)
  • up to 30 kg: 50.00 € (PS-Express)

Delivery is always on Wednesdays or Fridays between 9 am and 5 pm.

Since deliveries are only made on these two days, it may happen that delivery takes place one - in extreme cases two - weeks later due to a high volume of shipments. We ask for your understanding.

Time window restriction: +15.00 Euro (selectable from 8-12 or 12-17)

Saturday delivery: +15.00 Euro

Delivery to a company or practice (only in the morning 8-12): +15.00 Euro

Shipment Tracking

With PS-Express, the shipment can only be tracked online the evening before delivery.

Permit-required ammunition, blank ammunition, and all types of pyrotechnics may only be shipped as hazardous goods. This ammunition is only shipped WITHIN Germany!