Glasses accessories

Cover for Varga shooting glasses

Item no.: GE321-N

I.S.S.F. flip-up eyeshields for Knobloch frames

Item no.: GE339

ahg Flip-up blinder

Item no.: AN9777


Item no.: AN9778

ahg iris for shooting glasses

Item no.: AN8914

ahg target lens ring for classic shooting glasses

Item no.: AN8910

Eye Shield for Headband professional

Item no.: BUBL

Centra Iris for Glasses

Item no.: CE19901006

Centra Monocle Revolve

Item no.: MEC5028267

Eye Shield Champion

Item no.: CH45031

Champion Lens ring for non aiming eye

Item no.: CH42020

Champion lens holder

Item no.: CH25001

Champion belt clip

Item no.: CH30175

Champion clip for al models, set of 2

Item no.: CH70110-1

Champion Centering

Item no.: CH25009

Champion Case

Item no.: CH41005

Champion Filter Clip ace

Item no.: CH25012-1

Champion Filter Clip brown

Item no.: CH25005-1

Champion Filter Clip yellow

Item no.: CH25006-1

Champion Filter Clip grey

Item no.: CH25004-1