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Carl Walther GmbH

The company Carl Walther which is located in Ulm in the federal German state of Baden-Württemberg (situated on the River Danube) is one of the traditional local arms manufacturers. Walther products are extremely popular all around the world. Walther manufactures a large variety of weapons for different segments like the Walther PPQ for local authorities or the Walther Q5 match for sports marksmen. Walther air rifles and air pistols are also the number one choice for many shooters worldwide.

The Walther LG400 air rifle in its many facets is one of Walther's most popular air rifles. Whether you are a young beginner with your Walther LG400 Blacktec air rifle or a professional shooter using the Walther LG400 Monotec - Walther LG 400 air rifles are an excellent choice. Awesome quality meets great reliability.

You can purchase all Walther LG400 air rifles in our Buinger online shop at www.buinger.com ! Purchase on account is available for many countries.

Attention benchrest shooters! The Walther air rifle series Walther LG400 Anatomic, Walther LG400 Alutec and Walther LG400 with wooden stock are all excellent choices. The convincing precision of these air rifles cannot be found anywhere else.

In our online store www.buinger.com you will always find a large selection of Walther air rifles. Regardless whether you prefer a Walther air rifle with an electronic trigger or the classic version - Buinger has what YOU are looking for and what is best for YOUR needs.

Air pistols from Carl Walther in Ulm stand out from the crowd because of their stunning design! The new Walther LP500 is not only an absolute eye-catcher but also a true technical masterpiece.

The Walther LP500 Meister Manufaktur with its carbon cylinder, the GOLD barrel with aluminum barrel jacket, stabilizer and the all new 5D-grip is a worthy successor to Walther's LP400 models. The Walther LP500 series is a great choice for beginners and professionals or people who want to try something new, something better! You find it at www.buinger.com in our online shop.

Hämmerli Trigger guard AP20

Item no.: WA2799006

Hämmerli Trigger blade anatomical

Item no.: WA2781796

Hämmerli ALL-IN-ONE universal molded grip right/left, size S-L

Item no.: WA2833671

Hämmerli Aluminium Compressed air cylinder 200 bar air pistol

Item no.: WA2823683

Hammerli AP20

Item no.: WA2798000

Hämmerli AP20 External pressure gauge 200 bar

Item no.: WA2798441

AP20 Hybrid LTS, right/left

Item no.: WA2804522

Hammerli AP20 Pro

Item no.: WA2803658

Hämmerli AP20 PROLINE Subcompact Aluminium air cylinder 200 bar,

Item no.: WA2798115

Hämmerli AR20 Pro

Item no.: WA2858100

Hämmerli seal for AP40, small with dorn, set

Item no.: WA2730804-K

Hämmerli seal for AR30 & AR50 2,9x1,78 NBR90

Item no.: WA2745022

Hämmerli seal for Adapter AR50, big

Item no.: WA2744546-A1

Hämmerli Butt plate for recoil pad

Item no.: WA2746080

Hämmerli Turnable triangular front sight, width (4,0 / 4,5 / 4,9 mm)

Item no.: WA2661535

Hämmerli Charging adapter for air cylinder 200 bar

Item no.: WA2744630

Hämmerli Charging adapter for compressed air cylinder 200 bar

Item no.: WA2744872

Hämmerli Additional weight 30 g

Item no.: WA2798417

Hämmerli Weight bar 45 g

Item no.: WA2798387

Hämmerli weight bar assembly incl. two weights 105 g

Item no.: WA2798395