High-Precision Sporting weapons...
High-Precision Sporting weapons with ultimate perfection!

For three generations Feinwerkbau manufactures high-precision sporting weapons for shooters
from all over the world.
The employment of most modern technology as well as of experienced members of staff has
a share in a consistent high quality of all our products ?Made in Germany?.

FEINWERKBAU - Precision for your success!


Item no.: 1758.242.1

Feinwerkbau Rearsight displacement, 30mm, for FWB P11

Item no.: FWB3.4.340.260

Feinwerkbau 1-shot-magazine Air Pistol

Item no.: FWB1878.161.1

Feinwerkbau 1-shot-magazine for air-rifle P75

Item no.: FWB3.2.018.354

Feinwerkbau 5-shot-magazine Air Pistol

Item no.: FWB1878.160.1

Feinwerkbau 5-shot-magazine for air-rifle P75

Item no.: FWB3.2.018.350

Feinwerkbau cover diopter for P75

Item no.: FWB3.2.018.113

Feinwerkbau discharge screw for air pistol or air gun

Item no.: FWB1830.006.1

Feinwerkbau trigger 9 mm, bent, universal adj. for air rifle

Item no.: FWB1871.130.2

Feinwerkbau trigger 9 mm, bent, universally adjustable for air pistol

Item no.: FWB1871.144.2

Feinwerkbau trigger 14 mm width

Item no.: FWB1800.901.1

Feinwerkbau trigger 9 mm width

Item no.: FWB2000.322.1

Feinwerkbau adapter for Simulator RedDot

Item no.: FWB3.9.250.910

Feinwerkbau adapter for compressed air cylinder for modell 800 bench rest

Item no.: FWB3.2.226.547

Feinwerkbau adapter RS232/USB for Simulator RedDot

Item no.: FWB4.9.0.228

Feinwerkbau adapter for additional weight Co2

Item no.: FWB1830.225.2

Feinwerkbau adapter plate for butt plates

Item no.: FWB3.2.220.942

Feinwerkbau aluminium weight compl. approx. 19 g air pistol P40

Item no.: FWB3.4.200.132

Feinwerkbau alu stock blue Mod. 2700 (without hand support)

Item no.: FWB3.5.040.5

Feinwerkbau alu stock blue Mod. 2700 shoot. on rest (without hand support)

Item no.: FWB3.5.070.5